4.24.2 Raytracing Crashes if you have Optimus

Hi All I recently updated to 4.24.2 and it was crashing all day for me. I found the solution for some users that may own a laptop that comes with optimus. My system is an asus GX502gw with G-sycn and optimus ready. For Asus users go to the Armory Crate and disable optimus and restart your system so it uses only the GPU and your projects with Raytracing will run again. I am not sure if this is an issue in general with optimus or the intel drivers, or is from asus, but for some reason when Optimus is running it does not recognize my laptop monitor as a display in the nvidia control panel. Only after disabling optimus, my monitor settings are backed again in Nvidia Control Panel

I’m experiencing the same problem. I have an Asus Zephyrus S with RTX2070 and Intel integrated (Optimus) and also found out I needed to switch to dedicated only for Unreal to not crash when opening ray traced projects. With Optiums enabled, I think it’s expected that the display won’t be seen by the Nvidia control panel since it’s attached to the Intel integrated GPU so you have to change the settings in the Intel display settings (in that mode, when an application is using the dedicated GPU the final render buffer is copied to the integrated for display), when Optimus is switched off the display gets internally connected to the Nvidia GPU.