[4.24.1] Bad light calculation?


I’m making a whitebox of a simple level (a garage) but I’m having some issues with lighting. I have 4 floors, all of them with the same distribution and light set, but when I build the lights the results are very different on each floor, and I don’t know why.

Here some images:



Floor 4

The lightmap resolution is the same on each BSP component (1024 for floors and 128 for colums). So, if I have the same light set and the same lightmap resolution for each floor, why are they so different? What am I doing wrong?


BSP’s lightmap resoltuion should be lower and lower if you want to have better resolution/result!! So now you have a very low resolution lightmap on everything! What happens next is you’ll get a “random” lighting information everywhere which can look different every time since it’s a random result!!
You’ll need to set a higher resolution lightmap for those objects you want better lighting results! Also your scene setup + lightmass settings are important to achieve good/realistic lighting results!

Dammit, is the BSP lightmap resolution still inverse? I thought it was inverted to fit the logic of the static mesh D: So back to lower resolution then. Thank you!

Hay Darxen

Lighting is tricky and there could be a combination of issues but from what I see lightmaps is not one of them. The best way to resolve lighting issues is if you could provided a sample project file to look at.

What seem to be lacking is a PBR type material but more than that it looks like your trying to force the spot lights to provided the lighting solution all on their own.

HDRI and a postprocess volume can help to set the base light level through out the entire volume and from there use lighting elements to add the detail

Hey, guys.
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