4.23-Viewing mesh distance fields broken

Every time i go into visualise>Mesh distance fields it only shows a black screen as if theres no mdfs, even though there clearly is function wise and it also is shown on global distance field. Known bug? Fix needed.

It was like that for me in .22 as well.
When looking into it, people were saying it may be GFX related. Really, I fail to see why considering I have a 1080ti. Dated, but mainstream.

If you or anyone figures it out I’d love to know. I have given up trying to debug the depthfields and just work under the assumption they actually work (which they do as far as I can tell via materials).


I’ll file a bug report. It looks like mesh distance field visualization is affected by the current exposure. Try unchecking game mode under exposure in Lit viewport menu and tweaking the manual exposure value. This should work as a temporary workaround.