4.23 terrain errors when changing VR Pawn parent class to Character

Hoping someone has seen this before. I am using 4.23.1 and a new VR Template project.
I used the MotionController map and removed the others.
I removed everything except lighting.
I turned on World Composition
I imported a 2x2 4k map.
I load only a single 2k tile.
I added motion controller movement to the VR Pawn blueprint. It worked great except that gravity isn’t applied.
I then changed the parent class of my VR Pawn to Character (Instead of Pawn). Now when I run VR Preview, the terrain isn’t being rendered properly, the hands have disappeared, and the blue print movements stopped working.
There are no errors or warnings in my logs.
I haven’t been able to articulate this error in a way that I could find anything on it online.

Any thoughts on where I can look next to fix this?

What I see in the Editor

When I hit VR Preview this is what I see