4.21 Oculus Guardian Component

I tested migrating my 4.20 VR application to 4.21 the other night and ran into an issue with the guardian system component. All of my calls to the component threw an error and I could find “Oculus Rift Boundary” as a component under the list of components as per

I’m wondering if this is a bug or some new functionality was implemented requiring me to check a box someplace or what.

Hello Nimbis,

I see what you’re talking about - It looks like OculusBoundaryComponent files have been removed from ‘Engine/Plugins/Runtime/Oculus/OculusVR/Source/OculusHMD/’ !

These were removed when Oculus 1.28 plugin changes were integrated into our Dev-VR branch.

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As of 4.21 this functionality no longer requires a component. You should be able to find all relevant nodes under Oculus Library -> Guardian

Thank you for your response. I’ll need to look into this and see if I can repair my blueprints/function calls.