4.21.2: Non-editor build cannot depend on non-redistributable modules

So I’m at my wit’s end, and I apologize for posting here. I’ve tried a dozen different solutions from incrementally tossing code around to a dozen other suggestions on the forums and on the answers hub. I’ve asked friends, friends of friends, anyone I can think of. I’m at my wit’s end.

Whenever I try to build, I’m granted a nice long ERROR: Non-editor build cannot depend on non-redistributable modules. I’ll attach the log file, but it’s a few dozen different editor modules that get thrown up: the thing is, I have no idea WHY it’s trying to build these modules. I haven’t done anything to my build.cs or target.cs in terms of modifying them. I am yet to find a solid guide to see if the initial developer on my team set the project up wrong or something like that: at the end of the day, this game needs to be done by the end of the month, we have no developers left available to work on it in any capacity, and I’ve got to get a build made.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Edit: Solved this! Had to tweak some includes in the C++ files as well as edit my .uproject to remove some editor references.

Solved this! Had to edit my .uproject as well as fix some includes in some of my header files.