4.19 AR - Support 'image' based tracking?

Essentially I’m trying to find a solution for mobile image-based tracking in UE4 (that retains ‘world’ information when the marker is off screen, etc).

Does 4.19’s new system support that? From what I can tell, it’s only looking for a generic horizontal surface.

Not yet, ArKit 1.5 has image base tracking support, but it has not been implemented in UE 4.19.
ARCore 1.2 has multiple planes support, not only Walls or Floor but any degree plane.

We are all waiting for image-based tracking feature in UE4, but it has not been committed UE4 yet.

Thank you very much - that was a helpful clarification. As an additional follow-up:

  • for ARCore can we use those different planes for UE4? Just working outside of the unified framework that supports ARKit?
  • To clarify - neither ARCore or ARKit support image based tracking for UE4 at this time?

Thank you!

Currently Unreal Engine 4.19.1 doesn’t support any image-based tracking, it has only ARKit 1.0 and ARCore 1.0 builtin plugins, both of them doesn’t support image-based tracking.
But there is ARKit 1.5 released recently with image-based tracking support, we just need to wait and hope it will be commited to Unreal Engine (some version, hopefully, 4.20) and there is ARCore 1.1 has been released with some faster processing, with no image-based tracking yet, 1.2 is on the way with multiple plane tracking. Image-Based tracking for ARCore has not been announced yet, and we assume it will come to it eventually soon.

Thank you again smbv1 - very helpful information. So I’ll keep an eye out for ARKit 1.5 integration and may need to switch opt out of Unreal for image based tracking in the short-term. Appreciate the info!