(4.18 Preview) Sound Cue properties for steam audio not showing up.

I’ve gone over this a few times, making sure I had all the correct plugins enabled (currently I have all audio plugins enabled) and -audiomixer argument for launching the editor. There are a few things to keep straight so I may be missing something, but I’m not seeing options for things like adding steam audio plugin asset references to a sound cue. I can create and use source effects and submix effect assets, and the same with creating steam audio assets. I just can’t assign the steam audio assets to sound cues or attenuation assets.

Thanks for any help.

Hey there – not entirely sure what your issue is as it’s unclear from your description. However, I suspect you’ve not enabled Steam Audio as the plugin to use for your platform. 4.18 added some new features to allow users to “mix and match” plugins per platform for their project. I.e. you can use Steam Audio on PC, but Sony’s A3D on PS4 (if you have PS4 and want hardware acceleration), etc. We have a large number of spatialization solutions coming online and we’re trying to figure out a way to make a multi-use environment.

That means you need to both enable the plugin, then set that plugin as the one you want to use on PC in the windows target platform settings in your project.

Hey Obsidiaguy,

thanks for checking out the 4.18 preview. Spatialization, Reverb, and Occlusion plugins are a two step process in the engine now. After you’ve enabled the plugin, make sure you go the Project Settings, go to your current platform, and specify which plugin you want to use there. I’ve attached a snapshot.
We’re thinking of falling back to using the first plugin discovered when the user hasn’t modified these settings, but in the meantime, setting those project settings is the way to go.

Awesome, thanks guys.