4.18 Jittering Menus

On my machine, all of 4.18’s editor menus jitter rapidly up and down about 20 pixels–it’s unusable because for any click, there’s a 50% it’ll hit a different menu item than intended. This used to happen rarely in 4.17 with blueprint variable type menus, but in 4.18 it’s all menus, and it’s almost always.

MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch (Early 2013)
Mac OS X v10.12.6
Intel HD Graphics 4000 & NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M

Hi andyvn22,

I tried reproducing this on both a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro, and did not see any jittering in any menus. Are you using a binary Engine installed through the Launcher, or did you build the Engine from source code? Do you see this jittering happening in a brand new 4.18 project? If so, what template did you use, and was it a Blueprint or Code project? Could you provide an example of a specific menu where you see this occurring (I tried looking at the Blueprint variable type menu in both attempts)?

Thanks for helping me poke at this a little more–sorry for not testing a fresh project before posting! It does not, in fact, occur with a new project, neither blueprint nor code. The project where it does occur is a code project, and I downloaded the engine through the launcher. It occurs on all menus, from contextual menus to the toolbar icons like “Settings”.

I’ve resolved the issue, however. Whenever I upgrade this project to 4.18, the jittering begins. I keep my Content Browser and Output Log in adjacent tabs at the bottom of my window–as soon as I close the Output Log in the upgraded project, the jittering ceases, and doesn’t return, even if I re-open the Output Log and put it in the same place. Sounds like a weird situation that won’t be reproducible, so I guess my bug isn’t useful! Thanks again for your help.

The real reason for me was this checkbox: Edit → Editor Preferences → Enable Window Animations. I enabled it to see something pretty, I guess, then forgot that I did it and suffered for weeks. After ticking it off, menus got back to normal.