4.17 importance sampling: How to use Render Target as importance texture?

Based on in-editor painted Render Target, I need to use it as importance texture in the Importance Sample node. The Make Importance Texture can only process Texture2D and says that it needs to be RGBA8…
… So I’ve tried converting my render target to Texture2D (ConvertRenderTargetToTexture2DEditorOnly function) but it converts it to DXT5 format.
Is it possible to change the texture format from Blueprints? Or make this function to convert the render target to Texture 2D in RGBA8 format?
When I manually change the texture to RGBA8 then it works, but I need it to work automatically from Blueprints…

Basically I need to drive object placement by painting a texture in editor. Importance sampling seems great for that, but this is the roadblock.
I’d appreciate any help, I’m stuck here. Still trying to figure it out, so if I find anything, I’ll post here.

@Slavq were you able to find a solution? I would like to use Render Target in Importance Sampling as well.

I didn’t find any workaround for that. I haven’t checked that in the recent UE versions, e.g. 4.25 though.
If the function still doesn’t support Render Targets, then it’s probably still not possible, unfortunately.