4.17 Control Rig plugin not autokeying?


absolute newbie here. I’d like to animate the Mannequin and particularly his hands.

I’m trying to follow along with the GDC 2017 video “UE4 Animation and Physics Technical Showcase” but I can’t tell how they enable autokeying. I have enabled the plugin.

I understand the Control Rig plugin is experimental. Is there any documentation available? I can’t find it in the Docs.

I’m also downloading the AllRightRigBeta at the moment. Would you recommend that I use this until Control Rig is stable?

I have exported Mannequin to fbx and will try to get that working in Blender as well. This pipeline seems a bit cumbersome though. (I do appreciate that UE is implementing Control Rig)

I’d be thankful for any comments or guidance on my current plan.