4.16 window and print message problems with packaged game.

Hi All,

I have some problems when I package and run my game that weren’t there before version 4.16.

  1. The mirror window has gone borderless and I don’t seem to be able to get back the mirror mode that I used before.
    In my level blue print I have a command node now that runs ‘vr.MirrorMode 4’ and I have tried others but they don’t seem the same as before.
    Also why is this not reflected when i PIE? Why is PIE and cooked mirror windows different? Why is the cooked game border less?

  2. Screen print messages have stopped appearing in the cooked game. They show up in PIE.
    This used to happen a lot before but then I could just swap development mode (if I had changed that) and restart the editor and they would come back.
    Now they don’t come back whatever I do.

Does anyone know how to fix any of these problems?


1 - figured out that ‘vr.MirrorMode 5’ actually seems good. For missing border 4.16.1 hotfix sorted that out,
“Fixed! UE-45097 Window title/border missing from package build with resolution changed”

  1. Screen messages magically back. Thanks Epic for keeping a bit of mystery in our lives! :slight_smile:

Cheers, Fred