4.15 Big skeletal mesh LOD problems

In a nutshell:
exporting from maya the skeletal mesh with all the LODs in an fbx
loading it is fine. But the lowest LOD is stuck. That is, no matter what screen size settings you use, you can only ever see the lowest LOD.

You can view the exact scenario described above in the video I made

exporting only LOD0 and loading the other lods later
No matter what I do, whenever I select “Import Lod” in the mesh preview, the fbx file I import gives the error “no skeletal mesh found”. Yes, I do include the skelet when exporting the mesh.

Here is a link to the fbx files. One is the base, another the LOD. The third file is those 2 combined in one. Dropbox - TestingLOD.rar - Simplify your life