4.15.1 I can close application but does not shut down

I’ve noticed this recently that when i close the application, usually via crtl q, but the icon does not vanish, and the application continues to eat up memory - well over the max that my computer can handle, until i force quit it.

It stays visible in the activity monitor and can cause the computer to stall

It’s probably due to your ram getting filled all the way up and it’s probably ending up using the pagefile. If it’s doing that, then yeah, it’s going to take a pretty long time to clear everything out of it.

Is this considered a bug? It doesn’t happen frequently, just when i’ve been in the editor for several hours.

Hey Skifree,

Can you send me your dxdiag?

What’s the osx version of dxdiag? I’m running on a macbook pro, nothing custom but I have no problems in ue4 with the exception of this memory spike.

I’ve had a few instances lately where the app shows as taking up 50gb…


Is there a way to deal with this? After a few hours of usage, the memory doesn’t seem to clear out at all. It just piles up until the computer is full.

It really depends on your project and your PC specs. If you’ve got a bunch of spam in your output log or if the project is really big, then you can run out of memory over those hours.

Hey Skifree,

There are some articles on the best way to present your Mac specs similar to dxdiag.

I’m marking this as resolved for the time being. Simply respond to re-open.