4.13 VR Template separate controllers?

Hello, I’ve been playing with the new 4.13 VR Template and I’m trying to replace the Hand mesh with the Vive 3D OBJ mesh in the SteamVR folder.

I’ve done this by importing the Vive OBJ as a Skeletal Mesh and then swapping out the meshes in the Motion Controller BP.

Everything works fine, except for the texture which is flipped on one controller. The Template is using just 1 mesh and flipping that for the 2nd controller. I want to know how to have separate left and right motion controllers without having to rewire most of the Template BP. Is there a simple way to do this?

I also want to create a widget that is pinned only to the left controller. I’m doing this by creating a widget actor and making it a child of the Hand mesh. Again, because of the duplicating and flipping, it appears on the other controller as well.

I might be approaching this entirely wrongly, since this is all pretty new to me. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, I have exactly the same problem as avinashlobo and I would like to separate the controllers. Is it possible without breaking the entire way of functionning?
Thanks in advance,


Same Problem. Anyone know a good solution?

If you want something only on one hand, you can use the ‘Hand’ variable to determine if it is left or right. Depending on that information you can spawn stuff at runtime for only the specified hand, or add components to it (like the widget of OP) and destroy the component on the hand you don’t want it to have.

Don’t know about the texture issue, but you might copy the texture and flip it. Create a child material of the controller material and change the texture (texture parameter). In the controller blueprint use the ‘Hand’ variable to SetMaterial on the hand you need the flip.