4.13 VR Template Problem Teleporting

Hi there. I have a problem that is causing me to pull what is left of my hair out and I hope someone can help.

I have imported an architectural model from Revit via Max as an FBX file (about 8000 separate meshes) and having enclosed the whole building in a single navmesh am having problems getting the VR template teleportation system to work.

Its a multi-level building with some complex geometries. The navmesh generated is a little wierd, it has to be said: quite patchy and with navigable areas being generated “in mid air”.

When I try to teleport the teleport arc appears as a blue ball in my “hand” and the target arrow appears directly below my hand position allowing me only to make little “steps” forward.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? I would appreciate being able to advance this project.


It sounds like you have a lot of invisible collision. Have you tried show collision? Navmesh generating in mid air suggests there’s walkable (blocking) collision where you wouldn’t expect it.

OK thanks for the reply. I looked at player collision and changed most of the asset default collision settings to complex which seems to have cured my initial problem of not being able to teleport. It seems that the default complex and simple setting created blocking volumes that were too coarse and encompassed large spaces meaning that my pawn was trying to teleport inside of a blocking volume I guess returning an invalid navmesh location in the BP.

I still have issues regarding the floating navmesh areas and navigating on stairs but I think it’s just a matter of playing with the collision settings.