4.13 Preview 2 adds on 13MB to APK?

As title states compiling with 4.13 P2 from 4.12.5 my APK takes on an additional 13MB. I checked packaging and cooker settings, both appear to be the same. Is there something new I should be on the look out for?

I believe an asset wasn’t marked as editor-only in preview 2 so was included in the engine content for the game; this was UE-34701 and has already been fixed.

Ah, okay thanks for the quick reply.

This is still a problem in 4.13 release. In 4.13 my project compiles at 51.8MB while in 4.12 it compiles at 43.5MB.

I found the offenders to be:

My APK is still 1.6MB larger than usual but I don’t notice any other new cooked items. May be the framework update?

You can create a Pak blacklist to remove the engine debug materials. See

I’ll look into what exactly changed; I thought we caught the offenders.

That’s exactly what I did. Figured it would be good to post my findings though should someone else encounter this problem.