4.13 motion controller map help

Hey guys,

I’m using the new motion controller map to create a scene to walk round in VR my problem is that I want to create the scene based round 0,0,0 world location but the map floor of the motion controller scene is based at 200 the in Z axis, when I import my floor mesh and move it to the 200 Z axis its work fine, but then I move the floor to 0 and the motion controller pawn aswell I can spawn at the right height but I cant telelport in any direction the arrow marker is being blocked off.

Is there something in the blueprints that reference’s the teleport function can only be done at the 200 Z axis? I’ve had a look but cant find anything, I’m not really good with the roots stuff.


What does you camera setup look like in your Pawn?

you forgort to Autoposses Player.

Put the Montion Controller Pawn in the scene after that go to details panel and under **PAWN **put Autopossess player on Player 0.

Thanks generico,
it did works for me :slight_smile: