4.13 - Inability to generate UVs from FBX/OBJ imported from Sketchup

Hi guys,

I’m aware there’s a bug in 4.13 (that I believe will be resolved in 4.13.1) that means that any FBX or OBJ meshes imported from Sketchup don’t generate UVs on import, nor can they be created in the static mesh editor.
I’m glad this should be resolved in 4.13.1, but the expected timeframe for this is 1 to 2 weeks. Is there a workaround I can use for the time being to get the mesh UVs to generate? All my newly imported meshes won’t work with the lightmap and it’s causing a few issues.

I did try editing the fbxstaticmesheditor.cpp file with the fix that should be released in 4.13.1, but I expect as these are the source files, and my version of 4.13 is already built, the changes don’t apply. It was worth a shot!


Quick workaround would be to import to Blender then export from there