4.13 And Vive VR Menu

Question, I saw somewhere that version 4.13 will support functioning menu options to work with the ViveVR. Such as a custom menu being able to operate as a UI. Is this accurate? Any place I can find information on how this is setup?


After reading the source code of the WidgetInteractionComponent , i found that , in blueprint there wiil be something called Interaction(in Category), the function of named “PressKey” means you want to simulate a Key press action at current hitted widget location.

“PressPointerKey” means you just simulate a mouse down or something as if you are using a mouse.

If you want to use a linetrace to get what you hit ,so,you must set the property of “Interaction Source” to custom ,and then pass the location to the WidgetInteractionComponent by the “SetCustomHitResult” function,you can see all of those nodes in the blueprint.

Sorry , forgot to tell you ,add the “WidgetInteractionComponent” to the Actor which with the “WidgetComponent”.

Good Luck!!!:slight_smile: