4.12 Scene Import - anyone using it?

I really like the option of building levels inside the 3D app and then bringing everything to UE4 with a click of a button. But I’m facing some issues with this workflow, I hope people who use it can give tips and solutions to these problems.

  1. Re-importing scene after mesh(es) transformation change:
    I’ve tried all 3 options under Hierarchy Type when you import the scene for the first time; create level actors, create one actor with component, and create one blueprint asset - and I found out that only the “create one blueprint asset” option lets you do this. the other 2 options don’t change the location of meshes when re-importing the scene. Personally I think that “create level actors” is the best approach, it’s much easier to navigate the Outliner and find what you need, if you need to tweak stuff slightly in the engine.

  2. Re-importing scene gets rid of mesh materials:
    Lets say you imported a scene for the first time, applied materials to all of the assets, and then you’ve found an issue you need to fix, something that can only be fixed in the 3d app - when you re-import the scene again after making the change, all of the meshes materials will revert back to default (or no material at all if you chose the option when importing scene).
    This is a very annoying one! If someone knows a solution to this - please…please! do tell. I’d understand it happening if I change the meshes names, but I don’t do that… no idea why it’s getting rid of the materials applied