4.12.5 Editor freezes momentarily every 5-10 sec

I wanted to kinda suck it up and see if 4.13 fixes that issue, but Preview 1 didn’t fix that.

Basically 4.12.5 and 4.13p1 Editor freezes every 5-10 sec for a moment and it does that continuously. While my PC is quite old, I didn’t have such issue with 4.11.2 - Editor would never freeze when just working in it (navigating level, placing actors, etc.)

Has anyone experienced the same kind of issue? Is it something that can be fixed through tweaking certain settings or is it engine’s issue ?


Oddly enough, I’ve started getting similar behavior on 4.12.5 recently. It can described as 5 second freezes with CPU load spikes. It seems that not all of my projects are affected, but it started happening for no reason. I did not update or change anything, apart from launcher update.