[4.11 Preview 2] Projects loads, then crashes.

I just updated to preview 2 and now the project loads and then crashes, attached is the crash log. I am using the puzzle template and have only added meshes and edited the block spawner bp. If my project is needed, feel free to ask!


Hi -

If you can, sharing your project would be ideal, but if not I will need to know exactly how you changed the BP in the Puzzle Template. Also if you haven’t already make sure to submit the crash to the Crash Reporter and post your Machine ID here.

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Eric Ketchum

Sure thing! Here is the Link for the project. All I changed is the PuzzleBlockGrid BP; I edited it to spawn different Child BPs of the PuzzleBlock BP. I did import a few meshes (now being used in the Child BPs) and removed the AtmosphericFog and SkySphere from the level. I have submitted the crash report. Here is my MachineId:6332131F418FB82EDC7501B8099D69B2

One thing to note about the meshes, is that when I tried to do auto-convex collision on them, the editor crashed with an error saying it was trying to use a ridiculous amount of RAM.

Also, I tried downgrading my project (using some suggestions from the forum) but when I did, nothing would show in the content browser except the folders. (I am assuming this is just because I was using a different engine version)

Hi -

So I downloaded your project and its not crashing for me. It opens and runs fine. I also tried making the collision you mention above but with no luck reproducing the crash either.

In addition, I am not finding your crash report in our system, can you make sure that you are hitting the submit and close or submit and restart button when the crash occurs for you. If the crash does not bring up the crash reporter and crashes to a window’s warning or error message let me know what that says as well.

If you haven’t already tried this, I would delete the Intermediate and Saved Directories in your project to see if the project opens successfully for you.

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Eric Ketchum

Ok, so I tried to open it, and it crashed, but with a different error, however, I tried again and it works. Weird. I tried the collision and I am still getting the crash, attached are 2 logs, also with the correct machine ID, the one I gave you is old, sorry :slight_smile:

Should I open a different post for the collision crash?
Log 1
Log 2

Hi gmc -

I will try to help you with both crashes here. Your first crash; we are actively looking into and are still looking into possible causes, for reference UE-24878. Do you happen to have teh Oculus Runtime installed and if so what version? Also, so we can look at software to hardware issues can you post your DXDIAG as well?

Thank you for your assistance -

Eric Ketchum

I do not have rift installed (that I know of). Here is the DXDIAG! (I think that is what you wanted) :slight_smile: Let me know if you need anything else!

Hello gmc -

After some additional investigation into your linked project, I was able to come across a successful reproduction of your crashers and have reported them as UE-25599. I will keep you informed as we investigate a solution.

Thank you for your assistance -

Eric Ketchum