[4.11] Hair Shader changing by my camera instead mesh

Hello guys!

I updated my 19 gb project to 4.11 without problems today, but when I tried to do something with the new hair shader, when I’m looking to a point light my hair goes to max value and so bright from the base color.

So I multiplied for like 0.001 and clamped the minimun value to 0.004 to get at least the hair shader, because if the value goes to zero my hair just dont get the hair shader on total black part.

The biggest problem is, my point light is near from a torch, but the hair lightning changes and moves following my camera instead following my mesh like the rest of the body. I mean, if I’m passing trought the torch, the lightining from my body is correct and dont change the lightining when I rotate the camera, but my hair does. So I want to make the hair lightning change following my mesh world position, and not the camera angle.

Some screenshots here: