4.11 character camera's height no working

Hi, all
No matter how high I set the camera,like this:

or like this:
But the result is the same,the camera is on the floor like this:
Some people know why?

I found this too, a workaround until the final release of 4.11 I found is to scale up the capsule component in the Z axis.

This has been discussed before

It is part of the camera refactor… you need an empty scene component between your root and camera. offset that empty.

I guess all the templates will need to be updated before 4.11 release …

Ah good to know, cheers

Thank you,I have seen the discuss,but this problem has not been resolved.

Thank you very much,to scale up the capsule component in the Z axis is OK,but I can’t enter the door,because the capsule is collision.

I found a solution
change this into:

then move scene to everywhere is OK!
But movement like this: