4.11.1 with DK2 and Oculus 1.3 installed what's step two?

Hi everyone

as I install 4.11.1 and Oculus runtime 1.3

I have my VR Preview black out and my DK2 view is still in main lobby

here are my steps

1.Open Oculus home (1.3)

2.Turn on “Allow unknown resources” from settings as I saw someone said in the forum to turn it on

3.Launch Unreal 4.11.1

4.Press “VR Preview”

then as my result

VR Preview is black and my DK2 view remain still in the lobby.

any suggestion? or will there be another fix in the future?

I got it to work!the reason my DK2 view remain still in the lobby is because I didn’t enter unreal yet!!!

you have to use your DK2 to look at the button on the bottom to enter your unreal app. that’s all it is