4.11.0 prev 4 missing foliage shader?

I’m testing 4.11.0 prev 4 and I’m creating some foliage.
If I look at the material properties, the option to choose ‘two sided foliage’ is not there (anymore).

Any changes I missed in the last releases?
I’m trying to follow the instructions in the wiki: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

Hi maxbrown,

I couldn’t find anything specifically pointing out that this had been re-named, but I believe this was done to make the use of the shading model less confusing since we have many types of shading models to choose from.

With Two Side Foliage, this would imply that it should only be used with Foliage assets or with the foliage tool, which is not the case. This should eliminate any confusion that it should only be used with foliage.

I hope this helps.


Hi Tim, Thanks for the reply. Could you maybe post an image with the best material settings for foliage in 4.11 ?
I would like to get the effect of the bush on the left in the image on the Unreal Wiki. At the moment I’m not getting the nice subsurface foliage effect.

Have you set up the material differently than what is shown in the wiki? Personally I wouldn’t use the Specular value that is suggested. I would just set it to 0.

As far as examples go, the best ones available would probably be the ones from the Kite Demo or Open World Content that is freely available in the Learn tab of the Epic Games Launcher.

If you’re not seeing the subsurface effect make sure you have the base color of your diffuse plugged into the SubSurface Color input in the Main Attributes node. I sometimes will use a Constant3Vector and set a color that I can adjust just for effect. For troubleshooting, you can try using a radically different color like RED or BLUE to see the subsurface effect.

I used sort of the same settings as in the example, only the shading model was set to ‘two sided’.
I will have to examine the examples in the Kite Demo. The shader used for the HillTree_Tall_Leaves for example is far more complex than the one in the wiki. Have to play a bit with that one.


If you’ve only changed the shading model to TwoSided this will not produce the correct results. You’ll at the very least need to connect your diffuse color to the subsurface input as well.

Here’s a pic of a low-poly tree and current shader setup. Still have to test more. Normals, different branch shapes etc.