4.10 mesh normals bugged

I had this issue before with one of the versions of 4.7, but it was resolved in a latter release. Now this issue has surfaced again and I still can’t find a solution. Hopefully someone here has come across it as well and can inform me how to fix it. I’m checking my packs for compatibility for 4.10, and I noticed this. The normals are completely messed up. I’ve tried reimporting, others have suggested in the past to uncheck MikkT normals and that didn’t work either. Any insight into this would be much appreciated.


that does look like destroyed UVs.
Do the Diffuse and Emissives work properly?
This clearly has to be a bug

I don’t believe that the mesh has emissives. The diffuse seems to be fine, it’s just the normals that look messed up. I have ten days to fix this for compatibility, and I haven’t the faintest idea what went wrong during the conversion process that bugged it out. =/

Did you try to import with the option to recompute normals?

Yeah I’ve tried that as well, no change. I checked the normals again in Maya, no issue there. The rendering issues are also present when other materials are applied, so it isn’t related to the textures.

Edit: So I think I found the solution, recomputing didn’t work because MikkT was checked still, as unchecking it alone didn’t yield any results and I figured it wouldn’t affect it. Unchecking MikkT and checking recompute normals seems to have fixed the problem. Going to double check with another version conversion, but it seems to be working now. Thanks Unit23. =)

this aint a solution… Guess what. There are people outside that have around a thousand meshes with material. Should they all rework they materials cause one update?
I will update my project to 10 and well see.

The base version I was using for my marketplace projects is 4.6. It seems 4.7 onward introduces the mikkT normal checkbox. So if you’ve been using version 4.7 and above chances are you won’t have this problem. It also wasn’t present on all of my meshes, I only had to uncheck it for some of the ceiling meshes. Though I do agree it is strange to automatically check a newly introduced feature rather than have developers opt into it.