3rd Person VR in First Person and Turn Movement with Headset

I have a JetPack blueprint which is its own project. I can’t create a blank project and migrate the stuff over from the JetPack project but I won’t get into that here.

So, I have a 3rd person project with a Jetpack blueprint, all is working as intended. I want to add VR (I own an HTC Vive) to this project. Can someone tell me or point me to a tutorial that shows how I can put the VR camera on top of the head of the 3rd person character (which needs to be first person view) and when I use the VR Headset and look left and right, the character actually turns left and right. If I physically take a couple steps forward or backward then it needs to also move the character in game. If the Headset looks up and down then the character’s head looks up and down. Basically like most VR games do now.

Thank you.

Check out Mitch’s VR Content Examples:

He has a good head IK example in there, as well as a bunch of great VR related examples.