3rd person project help with my own character.

I’ve spent all week trying to reverse engineer the character setup. I brought in my own character with an idle and walk anim, duplicated the My character blueprint then created a blend space for the 2 anims. I state machine setup for the blend space that has the idle and walk in it. I put my character in the pawn for the game, but when I play the game my character isn’t animating. Some things I have noticed missing in my setup are in the screenshots attached. Mostly its the marching circles for the connections and and the tan activated box for the idle/walk…which seem like things that are there to tell you they are functioning properly.

If anybody has had similar experience putting in their own stuff please help …wasting too many days on this and i want to make cool stuff already :slight_smile: A tutorial for setting up the 3rd person template from scratch would be freaking awesome. I looked at the tut for the first person but its not entirely in blueprint and I couldn’t find much that I was missing when I read through it. Need help from anyone in the trenches trying to do the same please.


It’s hard to understand where your problem is without seeing your setup.

What are those images from? Are they all from the Third Person Project?

I followed this lesson to use the TPS Blueprint with my own character.

In Regard to importing animations:

To import my character. 1) Import with Skeleton only. see the options along the top of the importer.

  1. Create separate folder in the same folder where you imported the Skeleton (Rigged Mesh with no animation imported) to.

  2. Import your model again into the new folder but this time choose animation only.
    — 3a) - Make sure you choose the option animated time because Exported time does not always loop correctly.

  3. you should find all your animation(s) is this folder now.

Here is the result of my doing the above:

Isn’t this Epic and UE4 just best thing since slice bread! Enjoy!!

Thank you so much for that vid! As soon as I saw one of the steps in the vid, I knew what it was. For future reference…You cannot just copy the anim blueprint and switch it out with your own assets. It seems like a very crucial step is to create a new one and the linking that happens when you select your mesh upon its creation. Maybe some behind the scenes linking going on. As soon as I made a new one and copied pasted stuff into the new anim blueprint, everything worked. Christmas and the rec center have just been saved :slight_smile:

Cool! I’m glad that worked:-) Your Portfolio is awesome!