3rd Person Game with Blueprints tutorial issue - Looped animation twitching

There appears to be an issue with this tutorial series:

Not sure if I messed something up, but the walk and run animations have a twitch in the loop. Is that because frame 0 and 30 do not match exactly? If that is the case, is it possible to smooth this over in the editor? Like somehow blending then end so it fits the start during a loop?

You haven’t done anything wrong, I see this too…adding an extra interpolation frame to the animation (via persona) helps but does not stop old Twitchy McGee from twitching…I raised this the other day too in the 4.8 preview thread and Stephen Ellis (UE4 dev) responded to my post with:

Thanks. As a more general question, is it possible within the editor to smooth out animation loops where the end does not match? Something like fading the tail to the start some time before the end?

i see the new set with the 3rd person template but the old Montage punch animations dont match the new rigg…?? anyone have new punch animations