3rd Person Aim offsets

I’ve attempted tonight to use bone blending to aim my player towards the target, but I notice that the rotation of the bones are not smooth despite seeming to be almost on target, and the angles seem correct.

I’ve run into an issue with the aim offsets, in that the provided starter animation kit has now a blended set of animations that the user is required to cut apart. Is the best method here to avoid bone transforms for pitch/yaw and go with aim offsets?

For aim offsets, is the process intended to be that you break out the compiled animation for aim offset by each section (i.e. frame 5-10,10-15, etc) or is there a better way to map the frames? Most of the tutorials on this are out of date from what I can find. Do the old animation pack files still exist somewhere broken out in advance?


I appreciate the recording. It looks like my issue was with cutting the frames exactly - I’ll use this as a guide. Good work!