[3dsmax] Material IDs past 100 will not get exported correctly through Datasmith

Object with material ID higher than 100 will not export with the good material ID/material information.
At 101, the material ID value in .udatasmith file goes back to 0

If 2 objects with ID 1 and 101 share the same Multi material, both will have the Material of ID 1
Also ID 1 in max correspond to id 0 in .udatasmith file

In our current workflow we have a Multi Material with more than 100 ids, so it is a bit of a problem right now!
Was trying to switch materials on import in UE based on name matching…

I did submit a bug about the issus

If the issue you are experiencing doesn’t match with one of the known issues logged here:…mponent=&sort=

Then please file a new bug report for our staff to investigate here: https://unrealstudiohelp.epicgames.c…community-page

I did fill a new bug yesterday!
Did not know about the issues tracker…the issue does not match with an existing one