3DS Max Scaling

Is there anyone who can give me a hand.

I am creating my first set of static meshes inside of 3DS Max and I am wondering what is the best way to have textures scale properly within the engine. Similar to how a BSP brush would scale with the texture when set to planar.

Thanks :smiley:

As long as your UV mapping is set up properly then it wonโ€™t be an issue. If needed, you can apply a TextureCoordinate node to your texture in your material in UE4 which will allow you to adjust the texture tiling.

I usually have a base model to compare the scaling to. For example for when I make wall sets, I have a one primary 2x2 meter wall plane, which uses 100% of the UV space, and that will be the texture density I test with for all my other models, using a colored checker texture. This way I know that 2x2 meter covers my 2048x2048 texture, and 1 cm is 12.8 pixels. By having this one base model/texture scale, Iโ€™m sure that all the other models uses the same density.