3ds max model into UE4 materials

Hi all,

I’ve created a simple model in 3ds max with the spline tool which I extruded. Next, I’ve exported it and imported it into UE4.
Struggling with the software and have viewed several tutorials about UV mapping etc.

What are the steps to follow I’ve I’d like to export a 3ds model into UE4 and be able to add materials to different surfaces?

I’ve attached a screenshot of my model and as you can see it has a lot of surfaces. When imported into UE4 I’d just like to add a material properly to the front, the back and to the whole side.

Hopefully someone can help me out or forward me to some more tutorials ^^.

Thanks a lot.



You probably should start with basic modelling tutorials really though.

You have to create several material slots -> - YouTube or create a texture that fits to your uv maps :slight_smile:

I’ve already followed the whole series of the link you’ve provided fighter. The box worked for me to, however with this grave I also have 3 material slots, but the materials appear pretty strange like you can see on the image beneath.

p.s. these materials did work on the box.

You have to uv map your mesh + apply the uv to the right material slot (dont know how to do that in 3ds max -> blender user :stuck_out_tongue: But you will surely find something about that on google)

I’ve also done that, here’s the link to the tutorial I’ve followed. http://www.republicofcode.com/tutorials/3ds/texture_stealth/

Still have the same result as above.