3DS Max export

Hi all,
I haven’t found yet the answer here.
In 3ds Max I have modeled an engine and I want to make a parametric animation in UE4.
If I reset in Max all axes to 0,0,0 I loose all references of each pivot. If I want to animate a piston I can’t align the axis to the center’s object.
In UE4 I don’t a find a command to align the pivot.

Any help?


You can move your object to 0,0,0 and rotate it to 0,0,0 so that you can reposition it how you want in UE4

Imagine to do it for all assembly components, it would be a nightmare.
I can’t reset all objects coords to 0,0,0 because then I need to reposition manually them to the native position
In UE4 there is no command to re-align the pivots, it’s a missing feature.