3ds Max 2019.3 shutdown when using Datasmith 4.22E


Sometimes my 3ds Max just shutdown when im trying to export some assets.
It’s exporting to 70% and then it just close my 3ds Max.
I don’t get any error logs or anything, so I don’t know what might cause this.
Are more people having this issue?

There is one or two "Bad"mesh which are causing this. To identify those mesh do one thing, try exporting half of the meshes and check if this got you any error,
if there is no error , reduce the no. of meshes to Half and keep repeating the process. Believe me sometimes there is just a cube wall that is giving this exporting error.
I still didn’t identify the actual cause for this or what is wrong with the mesh but generally i just replace it with new mesh and it works.


it would help us if you send us that max file so we can debug it and fix our code if there’s a problem on our side!

Sure, I can sent you the file. Where should I do this?


You can report a bug here:

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