3ds max 2016 Stingray Material Setup to U4 Material setup

Has anyone worked with 3DS Max 2016 DirectX Stingray materials? Im trying to see if there’s a significant difference between Max’s view-port and U4’s. The problem I’m having is I can’t figure out how to see the input nodes so I can connect my Metallic and Roughness from my Substance. From the documentation it seems that I create a DirectX11 shader, apply it to my Object, select Stingray, and I should be all set. But I’m getting “No Parememters to Edit” under the ‘Parameters - Missing File’ drop-down. Any thoughts?

Did you ever figure this out? I’m getting the same missing file message in Max 2016 when I try to use the shader. Thanks

Hey guys,

it’s very likely caused by your user settings being corrupted. To reset them you can follow the instructions provided there. It does the trick every single time for me. Don’t forget to backup your keyboard shortcuts and custom UI!