3DS materials not working


I’m working on a simple game level as a class project using objects I’m importing from 3DS Max. While the geometry is importing, more or less, my materials are either not working at all (gray objects) or I’m getting color and no shine. I’m using a lot of metals I cooked up in Max, and glossies, like marble and obsidian.

For metals, I used raytrace and falloff for reflection, and high specular and glossiness. I used Metal for the metals and Blinn for marble, etc. I’ve only one UVW per object, and I haven’t bothered for standard primitives. Any advice, redirection to existing posts (I did a brief search before posting), or pointers to existing tutorials etc would really be helpful.


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You cant import materials from your 3d program, you will have to export the textures + set up the material in the UE4 :slight_smile: Materials | Unreal Engine Documentation

When doing anything with 3ds max you will also have to do some Render to Texture work as that makes it a lot easier in Unreal on the material front of things. Long as it has a UVW Map and a UV Unwrap on it you will be good to go.