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Hey everybody!

My name is Chloe. Me and my team came up with D3CRYPT3D in response to the growing issue of artists getting their work pirated after spending countless hours and sweat equity into their work. The beta just launched over a week ago and we have been getting some fabulous responses with regards to improvements, features etc. Here is an updated explanation on how the software works. Please check it out :slight_smile:

Also, check out our feature on and

Why would I want to use D3CRYPT3D?

You spend countless hours on your 3D creations. These files are sought after and worth real money. Your assets by nature need to change hands after they are created. Our New Build is up and wanted to say thanks to all those who have tried it. I will always post up here when there are changes to this program. Hope this helps you out. This is a more comprehensive explanation of how our program works.

D3CRYPT3D utilizes AES-256 Bit cryptography to fully encrypt the 3D asset itself. During encryption, SHA-2 hashing is utilized to uniquely identify the asset and allow for tracking. Inside the encryption, identifying metrics are stored which allow for full tracking of the asset from the moment it is encrypted. These metrics remain with the .OBJ file after it is unencrypted. The metrics, however, remain in an encrypted form.

D3CRYPT3D differs from Winzip and 7-zip in several ways:

  1. There is no compression algorithm applied
  2. The file type remains the same and can be opened in its native application, even in an encrypted state.
  3. Asset tracking metrics are embedded in the encryption which allows for tracking throughout the lifecycle of the file.
  4. The assets owner is identified by the calling card which gives the artist the ability to promote themselves and control their creations. When someone attempts to open the file, they are directed to the artist to contact them and request the access key.

D3CRYPT3D allows you share your assets with authorized parties and gives you recourse should an asset become pirated or leaked.

The purpose of the beta is to get feedback on vulnerabilities and suggestions on enhancements and feature additions.

The first iteration of the software we release will initially be able to track down the source of a leak. The leak, however, will not be prevented.

In our second iteration of the software, we plan to integrate with several 3D software programs as a plugin and control permissions on the files from inside the programs. In addition, we will introduce a multilayered encryption which is highly enhanced and requires information from multiple separate cloud-based servers in order to properly unencrypt the file.

Without the plugin, you will not be able to unencrypt the file. After the file is unencrypted, what you can and can’t do with the file will be controlled based on the permissions granted by the owner.

Down the line, we will introduce an encryption layer which will allow the file to remain in an encrypted state perpetually from the moment it is encrypted. This layer can then be integrated into gaming engines and 3D printers preventing the ripping of meshes from games while the assets are in play and preventing printing of unauthorized objects. If a person attempts to rip an asset, the resulting meshes will be unusable encrypted data.
We realize this is a never-ending battle. Our solutions will be defeated every so often, but our talented programmers will quickly patch the software vulnerabilities further enhancing the product.

Our cloud-based asset tracking and encryption will enable both artists and major corporate 3D asset holders to gain full transparency into the usage, dissemination, and proliferation of their assets in a managed and controlled fashion allowing them to maximize profits and snuff out piracy.

Our team has a deep and thorough knowledge of how data is stored and managed in Windows, Mac, and Pure Linux-based platforms such that we are able to architect systems and file structures in a manner which utilizes every functional aspect of a segment of data stored on a drive regardless of what platform the system is running.
We are not complicit with any government body. We champion protecting our user’s data and strive to create an environment where the creator of an asset is in full control of their digital 3D assets.

D3CRYPT3D is by the artist, for the artist, and will always choose the artist first.
We need your support and feedback to help us in the endeavor of protecting 3D assets worldwide. Too much genius work is being stolen and will continue to be without this intellectual property protection. It’s time for D3CRYTP3D to protect our hard earned creations.
D3CRYPT3D. Protecting your ideas one polygon at a time.

Strong Multi-Layered Encryption: Protect your valuable 3D assets from piracy
Prevents unauthorized access to your assets
Protects against piracy
The file type remains the same and can be opened in its native application, even in an encrypted state.
AES-256 Bit Encryption
Asset Tracking and Control: Know where your assets are and control access to them
Asset tracking metrics are embedded in the encryption which allows for tracking throughout the lifecycle of the file.
Monitor who is accessing your asset
Calling Card: Sign your 3D creations and drive access requests directly to you.
Displays your contact information when unauthorized parties attempt to access your file
Promotes your work and control your creations

How It Works

  1. Download and Install D3CRYPT3D-
    Installing D3CRYPT3D is as easy as downloading the app and installing in on your computer. It doesn’t require any configuration or maintenance. The software automatically checks for updates each time you run it ensuring you always have the latest version.

  2. Register-
    Once you have installed the software, register using a valid email address and create a password. You are now ready to begin encrypting and tracking your assets!

3.Begin Encrypting Files and Tracking Your Assets-
Encrypting your files is as easy as dragging and dropping them into the D3CRYPT3D application and clicking the encrypt button! You can drag entire folders of files or one file at a time. Once you have encrypted your file, tracking and protection are now enabled.

Here is the link to download the software- (click “TRY D3CRYPT3D NOW” on the home page)

Check out our feature with Stranger Things lead concept artists, Nuttavut-


Salutations D3CRYPT3D,

I’m going to use good faith and assume this isn’t just spam for now :slight_smile:


  1. Will Unreal be amongst the first engines that a plugin to be able to use this encryption will be made for?
  2. Will it be compatible with the usual FBX’s that Unreal uses?

Sounds like nonsense to me. If you want to do anything useful with the asset in unreal engine it must be decrypted, so you’ll be able to dump both the asset and the key from memory.

Yeah, this isn’t going to stop anyone from ripping a 3d model that’s being displayed in 3d on their GPU, (either from a game, or model viewer, or the web). I don’t mind advertisement type posts if it’s directly applicable to where it’s being posted. But I don’t know how it’s directly relevant for game developers and artists.

Also the post is way too wordy with not a lot of substantial information.

That plus there being no Unreal specific information makes it reek of copy-paste advertisement.

snake oil alert!

Yeah,i was just about to post

with tools like Intel GPA, 3D Ripper DX and OGLE, they makes this completely useless. There is no reason to try and hide your art away, especially when its so easy to see the data on your gfx card. (im not saying you should rip assets, but what i am saying is there’s no point to try and stop it from happening because … computers)

Yeah most of it is copied and pasted, and

I feel like it should be removed, but they should be allowed to post something that’s less wordy and more directly relevant to the users here.

It is really obvious that it’s copy paste, regardless of people finding out links of it or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

As much as I would like to support this and finally prevent people from stealing 3D artist works, I do not think it is a war that one can win. One way or another, people who wants to pirate, find a way to do it.

If it was that simple to solve, there would be no key-generators for even the most complex programs with 20+ numbered keys.

What we need to fix is not prevention of pirating, but the humanity itself.

Seems like it would be really easy to get around since if you can import it into a 3D program you can export it out easily without encryption. The only way to avoid that would be to make a new encrypted format which would only be supported by a few programs.

There is no way to avoid that. The new format still has to be decrypted before you can do anything useful with it, regardless of what programs support it.

This user sent me a PM trying to get me to use the software. Apparently they saw another post I posted and used that as a reason that I should use their product.

I doubt this “product” is real and works as intended. Their website also looks…off. Like it’s not a very sellable website.

I’d suggest removal of this and a warning to the user. However that’s just my suggestion. As others have said this seems too good to be true, and when it comes to preventing theft of assets, it’s even more unbelievable.

Also from what I have seen in the past, when people have tried to “prevent” something from being stolen, it also becomes a invasion of privacy and thus becomes a legal issue. And embedding tracking information into a file (whether it’s stolen or not) without the user willingly knowing, is a form of privacy invasion.

At least that’s my two cents on it. There are ways to prevent theft of goods on the internet, not many work (as this is the internet we are talking about), but most of the ones that people use (whether they work or not) don’t use embedding tracking information that can track location. Because like I said, that because a huge legal matter at that point.

epic fail

Yeah I’ll be ther first to admit its not the most wonderful website. All of here work at full time jobs. Our software does track metrics for the intended target. For example if you make an object that was only supposed to go to agentA. agentA would have to register and you the author/owner of that asset will be able to see when and where that object was opened. Its not a silverbullet but it provides metrics for a potential theft of 3d assets. We are currently talking to legal experts and ugh… lawyers about what would stand in a court of law for creators of 3d content. Its messy! With 3d objects ripped right from the gpu and all sorts of weirdness with 3d guns and illegal prints, 3d are files that should be protected. Look I am very aware that sketchy programs pose a threat. You should be concerned. We will try to make a better website, but in all honesty its something that we feel has been lacking in development. Videogames use 3d, and the biproduct is that developers and artists have more than just a asset file for a video game. When Disney makes Frozen toys, they give our the original model used from the actual movie to create the toys and various items. Usually these models are tracked so that there is no theft and companies that do receive these models are scrutinized and in some cases computers are monitored to make sure that it will only be used for that purpose. Most artist don’t have Disney money, but they do have their own work would should have some level of protection. That is all that this is. Although since we have come out, we have had requests from various manufacturers that have been interested on our method of 3d asset tracking. Its been hectic to create this thing and yeah we get a lot of haters. People who have tried it out have been more than amazed at what it does. It doesn’t look pretty yet but we had to make sure that it worked first. If you have any suggestions, hit us up. I personally know how frustrating it is to see your model end up in different projects without your consent. It sucks. Hopefully that helps you out.

I wouldn’t label skeptics as “haters” if you want to be successful. The thing is, this thing is useless if someone simply exports the model out of a program once it’s opened.

Why hasn’t this thread been locked/deleted yet? The product is useless at best, but more than likely a scam. If the model can be opened by 3ds Max or Unreal Engine (as it is claimed) then it can be exported by either of those as a .fbx. Either your model is unusable and secure or usable but unsecure. That is just how it is.

This exactly is reason that no encryption will work for such cases.

This is one of the reasons why I am so unsure that this “product” is real. The presentation seems really…undercut. Basically unbelievable. If this was actually a company (as it sounds like the OP is making this all out to be), this whole post reads and looks very unprofessional (i.e. ugh… lawyers).

Honestly because I got a PM from this user in regards to trying to sell this program and saying I should give it a try, I feel like this is a issue that needs to be take care of in a appropriate manner. Personally I’d suggest locking this thread, and warning the user. As many have stated, this so called “product” isn’t realistic and even not possible. So it worries me that other uses might fall for this sort of thing and download it and (if it is a fake) will get a infected computer while in the process.

Unless someone other then the OP has downloaded installed and tested the said software in question, I don’t think keeping this thread open is safe to those who aren’t as knowledgeable about protection software, and who might fall for this post as being authentic.

I couldn’t really focus enough to finish reading it, myself. The more I read the more my attention wandered. Copy and paste and rambling on and on. Blech. Higher a professional, engaging writer to write things at least. That way people can pay attention though the whole presentation.

It’s impossible to prevent a rip on a tech savvy and determined hacker, just as it’s impossible to prevent two completely different people from coming up with the same idea. I’ve witnessed this first hand. If anyone is familiar with the Blade vampire hunter series they know his half breed status and how he became that way. While his mother carried him, he was bit by an elder vampire, which transferred powers to his fetus.

About five years prior to this I created a character, and wrote an entire novella based on two random scenes I watched of Vampire Hunter D. I created a character, David, who was a vegetarian and a vampire hunter. He too was bit by a vampire inside his mother, but the vampire died due to her changing body. He wound up with some powers, once he tasted blood more powers activated. I wrote another novella, started a third then moved on to something else.

Anyhow, long story short you cant prevent rips of stuff or ideas. Just copyright your work so you have a legal right to it.

I would recommend locking the thread now.

OP pulled the same shenanigans over at the Unity forums and got a strike for unsolicited messages.