3D Widgets wont work anymore

My project has been broken since 4.13. I was hoping it would be fixed once the Preview would be over but no such luck. The 3D widgets stopping reacting to the mouse (buttons don’t react to clicking or hovering). In my project you can use a laptop, the camera blends to a camera on the laptop actor and I use SetInputModeUIOnly with the 3d widget selected. It was working all fine in 4.12 but once I move to 4.13 the widget moved slightly (about 0.5 its height) and it stopped reacting to mouse completely. I saw there was the WidgetInteraction component but I am very confused how it’s supposed to work. The videos and documentation implied it was only meant for motion controllers. I set it to debug mode so that I can see where it’s pointing at and when I am using the laptop the arrow doesn’t seem to move at all (probably because it’s using the camera on the laptop actor). But even when the camera is not set to the UI is not really reacting to it at all.


Could you please make a bug report on AnswerHub ?

Okay, posted it here: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/481053/3d-widgets-wont-work-anymore-in-413.html

Sounds like the same “issue”: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/480136/3d-umg-widget-stopped-working-in-413.html