3d widget one time chat system

Hey guys, I don’t usually use the forums as I can figure the issues out quite often with a bit of time. Sadly with this issue I am running into some problems. So the idea I am trying to achieve is to have a “YE-olden-Tweet” system where a player will be given a scroll that they can “type” on and then when ready to present the message with press enter (or whatever) to submit the message. He will then rotate the scroll around showing the message to all other players next to that player that can get close enough to read it. Why I am doing this is to make is so that those that don’t want to share a message via voip can type something quick out that only a select few can see. I have a Lobby chat system that works great. But don’t want to use it for this purpose, ie. Whisper to: (some player). Plus I find this idea much more fun since the game is somewhat about stealth and hiding information.

I had this working awhile back but through some engine updates it broke. So I decided to rewrite the whole thing from the ground up. Anyways I have writen a path I want to take, or rather, what I think I should be taking to get this to work.

What I am asking from you guys, the community, is to give input on how you think a more proper way this could be done and there a multiple ways that this could be handled.

I could add all the images that show my logic but thought before I do that if those out there have done something similar could type out, or if they want show screenshots on how the accomplished this. Im looking for hints and maybe a link that shows a partial solution as I can usually take partial solution to a full one once I get the idea of it.

Thanks in advance to those that help me out. It is much appreciated.