3D Text working until packaged or run through the launcher

I originally created the 3D text in the level and did the animation and everything worked fine in the engine, editor and packaged version of the game.

Once I moved the 3DText as component as a part of the Actor and then redid the animation it worked as expected in playing in editor, and standalone mode, but once packaged or using the launcher the text gives an error > It cant find parent class to attachment this causes it to revert to the default rotation, scale, location.

I tried a few different tricks to fix this in the BP actor editor parenting to dummy objects, creating a different chain, none of it worked.

I know this is an experimental feature at this point so please look into it so it can be fixed sooner then later.

hi, I meet the same problem , but my 3D Text dismiss in the game as it works in editor model , can you please tell me how to show the text in game as a component .