3D photogrammetry and complex meshes


I’m currently experimenting with UE4 on how to integrate complex 3D meshes vor real-time applications.
In this example I have a 6 FBX meshes representing 100mx100m of 3D city model.

You can see this interactive 3D sample in WebGL here. We use a Kd tree LoD pyramid system to get hight FPS.

Outside 4 simple LoD, octree or Kd tree hasn’t been implemented yet in UE4.

6 100mx100m FBX tiles with 10 simple LoD

6 100mx100m FBX tiles with 4 embedded simple LoD ( for Unreal Engine)

At this stage, I’ve managed to load these 3D models with 4 Lod and it works fine for non VR applications however if used with the oculus, there is some heavy jittering due to the fact that there are too many triangles.

Feel free to have a play with these models, I’ll be curious to see what you can come up with.


Thanks for sharing this Fabrice :slight_smile: