3d Motive lesson on Quicktime events in Maya and UE4

Just a heads up, Volume 1 of 2 was just released yesterday at

In this course, we’ll dissect the process for creating Quick Time Event driven animations in Maya. After exploring the fundamental needs of basic character locomotion and interaction, we’ll prepare and export our animations to Unreal 4. Within UE4 we’ll set up a playable environment where the characters will move from player control to executing QTE driven animations based on player input following on screen button notifications. Upon finishing this two volume series you’ll have a better understanding of the Maya to UE4 animation process, Blueprints, Events and Matinee, pHAT and setting up keyframe to ragdoll execution.

This course will consist of 2 volumes and we will be releasing a volume every week. The downloadable version will be available at the end of the series release.

I realize it’s not a free tutorial but I want to throw it out there anyway in case you’re interested.