3D model is lighter inside the Engine

Hey guys.

I made a 3D modeler in Maya, exported it and then imported into the Engine.

But, the model in Maya is darker than in the Engine, here is a picture

(On left it’s the Engine, on the right it’s Maya)

The left one is lighter, why?


No program is exact in calculating light. So textures will look different between them whether you are rendering in your 3d application or the engine. It’s good to look at your textures in your application to get a feel for how it can look but you must adjust in unreal for what you want the final product to be.
The biggest difference is unreal is a pbr engine and I don’t believe Maya is. I have it but I don’t use it for looking at textures. I use a pipeline that incorporates substance designer/painter because it is a pbr workflow so it more accurately reflects what it will look like in the engine. I hope this helps some.

Thanks for the answer.

With that said, I should adjust the lighting inside Unreal for every model I import or is there another way to match the two models?

That can become complicated as adjusting light for one thing will affect another. You could look into how Maya is rendering the image and try to bring that more in line with how it looks in the engine. Most of us use a third party software for texture work as they can do more than the standard 3d application. Looking at quixel suite or substance which are both aimed at pbr engines you can appreciate the difference right away as they export texture maps that just plug into a material and look great right away. One thing to note about substance is its file size is about 1/3 of a Photoshop file with all the detail. Worth looking into.