3d GUI.

In The Division they have a really cool 3d UI.

At first it is just the stats and names. Names over the other player I can easily do. Maybe not anyway… it doesn’t scale down when the player moves further away…
Then there is the stats of the player himself… they bob up and down following the player a little, this I can probably do. But not all of it.
How would I make sure that it doesn’t clip behind other stuff?
Render it to a 2d texture and then overlay it?

And lastly, the cool wristband feature. How would you do that? in world? or off screen and then overlay?

It seems that the first 2 things needs to be done off screen and then overlayed… and only the wristband where you could choose to go in world. Am I right in that?

Well, you could have a number of meshes in your character rig that you’d then render your UI elements on (something like RadiantUI does this) as transparent textures. You can use dynamic material instancing to control their opacity, so that they are invisible when not in use.

As for the animated jiggle and so forth, since the UI elements would be in your character rig, you’d simply add the jiggle in your walk/run cycles.

To stop it clipping behind things, and always be visible - if you create your materials for the UI elements as translucent, you can disable depth checking on them and have them render as visible at all times

Hope this gives you some ideas :slight_smile:

But if I render it in the would there will be problems with depth of field too wont there?

But really nice trick with the translucent :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure evertyhing I saw can be done with AHud and FCanvas. You need to map the bounding box of any character from world coordinates to screen corrdinates, then you can draw on the canvas at those coordinates and it should appear in front of everything. Or am I missing something?

What’s the time in the video for the wristband? I didn’t see it. Or please post a screenshot.