3D Game Development with Blender and UE4

I’ve put together a short (~5hrs) beginners series on 3D game development with Blender and UE4 that I hope you’ll find useful if you’re interested in the full 3D to game engine pipeline (making the 3D assets and creating the game). I created it as part of a senior level class that I teach at Boise State University and the series covers some 3D modeling and theory, Blender, exporting from Blender and creating a game in UE4.

The playlist only has about half of the course content but it hasn’t gotten a lot of views, compared to other content, so I wanted to ask for help in getting constructive feedback and if anyone would find the content useful. I’m happy to continue the series into much more complex topics but wanted to gauge interest and see where I can improve before moving forward. Thanks and hopefully a few of you get something out of it!