3D Environment Artist


My name is Henrik Larsen. I am a 3D Environment Artist who would very much like to get into the business of creating games. I have worked in 3D for the last 6 years and am proficient in: CryEngine, UE4, 3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Nuke, and with that, make environments.

My latest portfolio item is a short film called Scrounger, entirely made by myself, models, textures, materials, lighting, story, animation, rigging, design, and music. It consists of a large-scale environment where the aim was to get it to be cinematic in appearance, yet made of game-assets. That was a good challenge, but a fun one, and it certainly ended up being a varied project. The movie was made in CryEngine, but I am also proficient working in UE4 and enjoy that very much.

I have another large-scale environment, which for now serves as my portfolio page. I hope I can be of use to someone, and am really looking forward to making games.

Examples of work.


Thanks for looking!

Henrik Larsen

Would you have a Skype?

I do have Skype. Could you tell me what it would be about, and who you represent?