3D Dungeon Crawler with Level Streaming

Hi everyone,

My team and I are trying to create a 3D dungeon crawler by using a base persistent level and then streaming pre built rooms into this base persistent level.

Below is a bullet list of the dungeon generation process flow that we want to achieve.

  1. Player hits start from the main menu ui
  2. The game instance places the player into the game base persistent level and the generation of the level begins.
  3. The entire dungeon is built by streaming smaller room levels into the base persistent level.

The goal is to build the entire dungeon by starting with one static spot and then bringing in level pieces in the base persistent level one at a time, then orient them so that the exit and entrance points of each rooms line up. Because we want the player to be able to back track through the system, we don’t want to rely on random placement of rooms at runtime.
While we believe that using dedicated anchor points and the transform blueprint node we are orienting our levels correctly, we are not getting the levels to stream into the base persistent level to begin with.

Because we may want to have repeats of the same level layout instead of creating 5 copies of the same room we wanted to take advantage of the “Load Level Instance By Name” node

Below is a picture of our current generation using the old default method of “Loading Stream Level by Name” Node

Any helpful info on level streaming or blueprinting in general that might be able to help would be greatly appreciated.

The main issue that we are having is that no level is spawning into the persistent level when we use the “Load Level Instance (by Name)” Node.